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e - keep up the good work! I was impressed that you answered my emails and gave me detailed advice on how to fix my lighting source. This book on mastering the human form is great because it is simple to understand. My advice for any artist woould be to take your skills you have now and combine them with this book. Take a class using the Florence method and you will see how powerful this book is. I really love the chapter on the arm and hand. My comic book character seems so real. Remember it's not about buying the book, or if you can draw, it's about drawing what you see. I highly recommend this book for all artists. Best wishes,

                           -Derek Jones  

This is an AMAZING Resource! I am so happy to have found you. Your book and the free bonuses was worth more to me than my 2 years of schooling thus far. Thanks again.

-Janice Flemming

 - keep up the good work! I was impressed that you answered my emails and gave me detailed advice on how to fix my lighting source.

-Coby Stratmore

Thanks for the help with proportions, I was struggling to find a method that really helps with this, your technique really makes sense. 

                       -Jenny McElroy

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"At Last ... Learn The Proven
Secrets to
Instantly Draw Figures and Faces Like the Masters. Whether Beginner or Advanced, You'll Learn Step by Step In Virtually Minutes!
  ... In Just 4 Steps Max!!!"

Discover the shortcut secrets that will have you drawing people in no time. Learn how to draw proportions correctly, and draw hands, hair, eyes, nose, expression, like never before. Master the human form in minutes!

From: Learning2draw
Re:      Figure Drawing Help

Dear Artist,

If you are like most passionate artists, you are struggling to learn the human form and how to draw people. You know that it is a difficult, time consuming and sometimes tedious task.

You also realize the importance of mastering this technique. That is because you realize that the human form is the most critical of all elements to master.

Realizing that proportions and anatomy work to help you instantly draw masterful faces, hands, feet, hair, and how to help you draw clothes on people. How to draw clothes and how to draw clothes and folds in them can be very difficult. You need an understanding of the human figure in order to know how clothes will fall on the body.

Knowing proportions and realizing the ability to make your art alive is all important.

Whether you have taken anatomy classes or art supplemental courses or no courses at all, you may be frustrated with the study of the human form or disappointed in what was offered.

You want to easily and skillfully accomplish:

  • Knowing how to draw hair and have it look like realistic hair.
  • How to draw clothes and have it look like they naturally fit on the body.
  • How to draw a face and have it look like the person you are actually drawing with a likeness that brings your drawing alive.
  • Knowing how to draw the right proportions when drawing the human figure.
  • Knowing simple formulas that can help you with your block-in and lay-in to help you get realistic looking figures.
  • Knowing how to draw a face as easy as drawing a circle. You may think this is impossible.
  • How to draw the contour and getting a likeness to your model.
  • Knowing how to draw the human figure without a model in front of you and you may mistakenly think it can't be done.

Though, this is true, it is that desire in us to be the best artist ever that drives you to further study and dedication to drawing people.

You also realize that with these skills, you can have a winning career in art. You can show your art to friends and family without being embarassed that you added an extra mole on aunt Winifred. Whether you want to be an accomplished artist, portrait artist, video game artist, film artist, or a commissioned artist, you need to know how to draw the human form.

Learn To Draw

Your Passion Drives You

Learning the human form will bring you to new arenas of your hobby, career, or training you thought unimaginable.

That is, an artist can always seek to learn new things --- whether it is in the fantasy art category, video game art, or traditional arenas... there's always room for improvement and exploration.

You’ve seen the artists who can draw mediocre people. Their drawings are anatomically off, with clothing that is awkward and unrelated to the underlying form; the hair is unnatural and overworked, the perspective not quite right.

I believe anyone can overcome these drawing challenges with a commitment to time honored artistic principles, fueled by your passion with the help of these proven techniques you will begin to see steady improvement.

You don't know me yet, I realize, but I'd hate to think of you wasting your time and money on learning to draw the human figure only to find that your approach was flawed from the beginning.

Simply put, either you were learning techniques that have little or nothing to do with the type of art you want to draw, courses that hardly teach you the basics of what you want to learn, or videos that require you to simply imitate what the instructor is doing, neglecting the theory behind it.

That is why I've created Learning2draw.com and have taught people how to draw people and master the human form.

Not Just Another Guide

I searched for many years looking for the perfect class or the perfect method to drawing people and overcoming problems faced when drawing the human form. I couldn’t find the perfect one! This is why I decided to write this book. There is an answer.

I have condensed my years of training and experience into a simple approach that will help you to focus on the important elements of figure drawing.

Every drawing book has a different approach, most don’t take into account the skill level of the artist and many have difficult or abstract concepts.

I have condensed the most relevant techniques from all these different volumes into one simple book. I have distilled the information from my many teachers, workshops and from over a decade of working as a professional artist.

Having trained many artists in the entertainment industry, I have discovered why artists at all levels struggle. I found answers to solving problems such as proportion, how to draw hair, how to draw hands, how to draw eyes, and breathing life, beauty, and personality into your figure drawings.

I spent thousands of hours being classically trained in the Florence Academy method. I worked as a concept art director for the Walt Disney Corporation where I taught and critiqued a team of artists. I have had many paintings published in magazines such as Dragon.

This experience is what I bring to the table. Not only can I have you mastering the human form, but I can lead you to the arena where your art will open doors professionally and give you the personal satisfaction of being a competent artist.

  • Having trained classically from Florence Italy, many people have benefited from the over 10,000 hours of my training.
  • As a past Disney concept art director, I know how to translate principles of classical treatment of the human form into a career.
  • I have had my paintings on the covers of magazines, including Dragon magazine.
  • People have paid me upwards of $200.00 an hour to teach them the techniques that I have learned from the masters.

Real Success Stories From
People Like You…

"Taught me more about the human figure than any other course I've seen."

These techniques and teaching style is simple, easy to follow, yet the best that I have seen out there. He has taught me more about the human figure and how it relates to my career as a portrait artist, than any other courses I’ve seen. I’ve saved thousands of dollars with his methods and can’t wait for a portfolio review.

–Wendy Royce

"The anatomy tips are great, helped me in my weaker areas and reinforced my strong ones."

This is an easy to follow program. I’ve been doing art since I was 7 and this is the most comprehensive, all inclusive guide I can find on the human form. The anatomy tips are great, it has helped me in my weaker areas and reinforced my strong ones.

–Jason Waite

"Helped me nail the human figure in a more realistic way, my forms are much more solid."

These techniques in this book have helped me as a sculptor to nail the human figure in a realistic way. My forms are much more solid. This has really helped me to grow as an artist and to push me further. The passion for art reads clearly, he really wants people like me to succeed. I like that this guide can translate into many mediums.

–Scot Olson
Syracuse Utah

"I used to be nervous about showing my work to people, now I am excited to."

The work and easy to follow instructions are inspiring. This is a great course for anyone to try. I used to be nervous about showing my work to people, now I am excited to.

-Daryl F.
Encinitas California

"Helped me to improve and refresh my skills from years earlier."

The Book helped me to improve and refresh my skills from years earlier. It was incredibly easy to pick up the pencil and jump back in the saddle so to speak. I picked up where I left off and then some.

-Paul Jackson
New Jersey

"His inspiration motivated me and I knew I could do it. I learned about proportion that I have desperately needed."

With this, I somehow wanted to learn how to draw even more. This inspiration motivated me and I knew that I could do it. I learned some techniques about proportion that I have desperately needed. 

-Jenifer Smith
Dallas, TX

"Remember, it's not about buying the book, or if you can draw, it's about drawing what you see."

The book on mastering the human form is great because it is simple to understand. My advice for any artist would be to take your skills you have now and combine them with this book. Take a class using the Florence method and you will see how powerful this book is. I really love the chapter on the arm and hand. My comic book characters seems so real. Remember, it's not about buying the book, or if you can draw, it's about drawing what you see. I highly recommend this book for all artists. Best wishes...

-Derek Jones

Strategies You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Having been classically trained, I've been asked my secrets and techniques for many years. Here is an example of my taking a picture of Natalie Portman and the end product. Keep in mind this is a 30 minute sketch.

Beginning sketch     Final sketch

I will give you the exact strategies so that your art can explode and you can do the same thing in 30 minutes or less. I will have the exact steps included with many illustrations so that you can get the process down and start drawing like the masters immediately.

Along with learning how to draw faces like this, you will also receive information like the “5 eye cube” easy standards to find proportional relationships. You will learn in the first section simple ways to determine difference of age, male and female. You will have these skills simply and explicitly delivered through illustrations and instructions.

You will receive information like the “5 eye cube” easy standards to find proportional relationships. You will learn in the first section simple ways to determine difference of age, male and female. You will have these skills simply and explicitly delivered through illustrations and instructions.

You will also learn how to draw hair and treat it as a mass using the soft stroke side of the pencil or charcoal to indicate wispiness. You will learn the dynamic interactions. You will learn how to find shapes and rhythms to emphasize design.

You will also learn to draw the eyes and have proper spacing and learn how light interacts with the eye. You will learn how to avoid common mistakes artists make dealing with the eye. Mistakes such as making the eyelid too thin or placing the eye too high. Or even not setting the eye deep enough in. You will learn expression and movement of the eye.

You will get a complete structural analysis of the torso and how the bones and muscles interact to transform your art into dynamic masterpieces.

You will also get information on how to get the most from the masters. You will have an in depth understanding of the human machine.

You will have countless illustrations to go along with each chapter detailing every step of the way.

Okay, just let me order now already...

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

PayPal is a convenient, easy-to-use, and secure way for individuals and businesses to send and receive money online.

Here's what's in Master the Human Form, The Most Comprehensive Figure Drawing E-book.

Check Mark You get concise pages of specific instruction and illustrations. This will aid you in your learning process. You will not fail because you will be able to see step by step the process, from A to Z.

Check Mark Discover "How To" strategies that will put you at the top of your game, you will learn the How to's of block-in, contour drawing, shading, hatching and cross-hatching, and more. This alone will help you in your drawings to achieve a likeness to have life instilled in your drawings.

Check MarkPlus a section on "Avoid Common Mistakes" to help you know what to look out for and which bad habits not to start. This will help you as an artists by keeping you from developing common mistakes and letting them turn into bad habits. It will also help beginner's to know what to look out for when starting out and more experienced artists check their own work for these pitfalls of common mistakes.

Check MarkDiscover the secrets of the Eye vs. the Mind. See your art explode to new levels as you start seeing things differently.

Check MarkLearn specific Techniques on standardizing the head to enable you to block in quickly and without mistakes. You will see your drawings become more accurate and concise with a likeness never before achieved with these simple block-in techniques.

Check MarkFind out How to draw hair and have it look better than ever with a natural flowing look, avoiding drawing single strands. You will learn to draw hair that is curly or straight, long  or short, shiny or lustruous, by treating hair as a mass. 

Check MarkLearn the awful truth about passion and persistence. How with them you can be great and without you can never achieve your artistic potential. Find out how you are your best friend or worst enemy to your art and how to make your art work for you.

Check MarkLearn how to master a system of outsets and curves that will make your drawings come alive and not look robotic. See an illustrated section on these outsets and curves that can make all the difference in your drawings and have your drawings come alive.

Check MarkLearn how to draw hands and have them look like the person's hands you are drawing. You will find that hands are not as hard as they may have seemed before.

Check Mark Discover how to turn your passion for art into a career by doing what you love, Drawing!

... and there's more ... MUCH MORE!

A System Right for You

All artists operate a little differently artistically. The beauty of this program is that I have tailored a program that will fit any artist’s learning style. Whether you are an iconic artist or any other, simply follow which program which fits your style.

Not sure which kind of artist you are? That’s okay, because this program has a complete description to show you. This will benefit you by teaching you techniques that are made for the type of artist you are.

Remember you get all of these techniques necessary to master the human form and it is tailored to your learning style. All of this in one simplified program. In a matter of minutes, discover the secrets of experienced illustrators and masters. You will get the best advice, tips, instruction, and illustrations delivered instantly at your fingertips.

figure drawing

So what’s the price?

I have heard that artists have the stereotype of being poor and starving, so here is your chance to capture a great deal and take advantage of me trying something crazy. This book usually sells for $37, but on this offer only, it will be just $27 for the book and the special bonsues below that you will read about.

Okay, so what’s the price for this course? Let me first remind you that you could spend thousands of dollars on classes at universities as well as hundreds of dollars on different drawing and anatomy classes.  Well, this special e-book is going to save you hundreds and thousands of dollars in fees from classes at universities, online classes, and countless anatomy and drawing books.

For instance I researched, at the local university, one semester of art classes will cost you $1494.00  . In fact, one class can cost you upwards of $480.00. And to get ALL of the information you need to learn the techniques outlined on this page, you would need to purchase close to 6 different books at a price to you more than $189! But you don't have to do either of these options...

For $27 you are getting a steal of a deal in money and time. This all-inclusive e-book will combine techniques of the masters, to tricks on how to draw people right the first time. This is a one-time offer to the first 250 customers at the $27 price. After that this promotion, the price will go back up.

So … You can spend $27 here or you can spend more somewhere else. If you risk spending more somewhere else, you risk getting someone much less knowledgeable and experienced. You will not find a more comprehensive guide with as much information as this report for this price anywhere. I guarantee it! This system offers so much in terms of what you get. You won't need a separate book on anatomy, one on drawing skills and techniques, and one on how to draw faces. It's all included. You will save money and time.

If you take the guaranteed offer here of receiving the most knowledge and experience, there is no risk! Simply put, the answer is that easy!

This comprehensive program is offered as an E-book which is downloadable right now.*

But don't worry, downloading the information in this guide is easy, my wife who claims to be computer challenged had no problem whatsoever doing it. This program works with both PC’s and Mac’s. You’ll be up in running in no time and drawing just like the masters in no time.

Again you will learn through this course:

  • How to draw people 
  • How to draw eyes
  • How to draw mouths
  • How to draw feet
  • How to draw hair
  • How to draw clothes on people, all through proportions and perspective.
  • How to draw torso
  • Dynamic interactions
  • Expression and movement making your figures come alive
  • Gesture Drawing
  • Block-in
  • Hatching and Cross-Hatching
  • And More...

I am going to teach you these techniques in a simplified way that is easy to understand. There will be illustrations to go with the instruction at every corner.

This Is Not All…

If you are excited at getting these secrets to anatomy and how to draw the human figure, wait till you hear this … As a thank you for ordering I am offering you 5 no obligation bonuses worth over $150 just for ordering.

Of course, to "sweeten the deal" even MORE,
I'm also going to throw in...

5 Free Super Bonuses

I want to make sure you have everything you need to immediately guarantee the success of your drawings of the human figure and faces.

If you act on or before  as part of our special launch celebration, I've decided to give anyone who claims a copy of Master the Human Form to the following Five Super Bonuses...

Learn to draw: Art and Science from the Masters Super Bonus #1 ($43) Free 
Learn the Secrets of Drawing Straight From Masters

The Art and Science of Drawing by Harold Speed - This e-book is well over 200 pages of information on the art of drawing.  It is packed with illustrations and examples to help any artist, no matter the skill level. It gives away the secrets of the masters.  Techniques such as line drawing, variation, shading, composition, and much more only touch the surface of what is offered.
($43) Free

                     Super Bonus #2 ($47) Free                                                      Learn Portfolio  Advice to Land an Exploding Career

One Piece Portfolio Review submission - you will be able to submit a piece of artwork and have it evaluated and reviewed with a critique sent back to you.  This is extremely valuable as you build your portfolio for career or hobby. You will learn techniques and mistakes to avoid.
$47) Free  

Super Bonus #3 ($17) Free
Easy Steps to becoming a Masterful Artist

Getting Started - you will learn the basics of the block-in method and line variation and contour drawing. This is great for beginning artists.  It has exercises and methods explained to help you improve your technique. This is a great starter guide for the beginning artist or for the experienced artist looking for new materials. ($17) Free

Learn to draw: American Drawing Super Bonus #4 ($47) Free
Special Tips Straight From the Masters

The American Drawing Book - This e-book by John Gadsby Chapman is a manual for the amateur, and basis of study for the the professional artist. This book is a great value and will give you tips from the basics to advanced techniques.

                     Super Bonus #5 ($47) Free                                                              More Master Tips, Unbelievable!

Pen Drawing An Illustrated Treatise- Charles Maginnis shows you everything you need to know how to make beautiful pen drawings. You will have content on style in pen drawing, materials, technique, values, practical problems, architectural drawings and more.  This is extremely valuable as you become a more accomplished artist.
$47) Free  

These bonuses alone are worth it. On top of this you are going to get the all inclusive program that I have promised you.

Better than a 100% Money Back Guarantee

I insist that you order this program entirely at my expense. This guide comes with a Risk Free 100% Money-Back guarantee. There’s absolutely no risk to you. Why such a great guarantee?

Even though I am a concept art director for Disney and have been trained extensively, my reputation is on the line.

My credibility means something to me and so I give you my word that if you are not satisfied with this guide and somehow don’t feel your small investment has improved your art greatly, you can return the guide for an immediate refund of your purchase price.

Finally, because you’re entrusting me with your time and confidence if you are not completely satisfied, keep the three bonuses as a thank you, even if you return the guide.

learn to draw people Your "Nothing to Lose And Everything To Gain" Guarantee

Quality Image If you use any of our products, I personally guarantee that you will benefit from them - PERIOD. Otherwise (1) you can return the course and the $200 in bonuses are yours to keep and (2) I will refund you 100% of your purchase price.

 If you don't agree that this information is literally worth every cent, or if you change your mind about the course for any reason at all ... it can be because you felt it was not worth the money... you can return it at anytime for a 100% refund of your money.



Master the Human Form Now

Claim your guide now in the next 5 minutes with this easy to use online secure server. Keep in mind when you use our secure server, you can download the E-book within minutes so you can start your new determination and success in mastering the human form. Drawing people has never been simplified so well as it is in this program.

*** WAIT! ***

We've reached our goal of hitting our first 500 customers but want more people to get in on this price before we increase our price. Since we've just made an upgrade to “Drawing the Human Form” SYSTEM for the first time ever, we've decided to celebrate:

If you're one of the next 250 people to claim your copy of our “Drawing the Human Form” SYSTEM, I will give you the E-Book at an unheard of sale price of $27, plus the 5 spectacular bonuses. But you need to hurry because this special promotional launch price won't last.

... So altogether, you actually get Five SUPER BONUSES -- a total value of over $150, yours to keep, absolutely FREE, no matter what you decide and the System delivered as a special e-book at an unheard of sale price!

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

PayPal is a convenient, easy-to-use, and secure way for individuals and businesses to send and receive money online.

...and start drawing like the masters.


*This e-book is available now.  

If you are uncomfortable ordering online there is another option.

Click here to print out a "MAIL Order Form" to mail in your order. Simply print this 'Mail Order Form' and send it along with your payment of $27 USD. We will e-mail you a link so that you can download the e-book* within 24 hours of payment clearing.

I look forward to hearing from you about your many art successes and how developed your techniques in drawing the human form have become. Thanks again for taking the time to look at our program.


Learning2draw.com team

P.S. Remember, I guarantee that if you use just one chapter of this comprehensive guide, that your art will deepen, your figures will come alive more, and you will see it transpire to other areas of your art; otherwise you can return it at any time for up to a full year.

P.P.S. Also, don’t forget you get the E-book and the bonuses (which you can keep no matter what) to help you in your journey as an artist. You will be kicking yourself for years to come if you don’t take this no-risk offer.

P.P.P.S. Act now, to receive information such as how to draw realistic hair, how to avoid common mistakes when drawing the eye, how to master proportions in drawing anyone, how to make expressions and movement come alive through dynamic interactions.

Click here now and see your art develop like the masters. Get these techniques now and see your figures develop and deepen.

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