Why You Should Go To Morton Illinois In September

Why You Should Go To Morton Illinois In September

If you travel to Illinois this year, and you typically spend most of your time in the large city of Peoria, you might want to head outside of the city limits to a place called Morton. When you arrive, you may not realize how important this village is to the rest of the world. It has to do with the very specific type of crop that it produces. If you are a fan of pumpkin pie, or if it is close to Halloween, this is a location that is well-known in certain circles. They produce 85% of the canned pumpkin that people buy worldwide, and they also have a Pumpkin Festival.

Why Should You Travel There During September?

Traveling there during September will allow you to experience this Pumpkin Festival. It occurs the second week of the month. It is a time when this little village becomes extremely busy. There will be thousands of volunteers to help set up the festival, and thousands more that will be coming to interact. Some people go because of the many different things that you will find at the festival. Others will go simply because it is the place where the most canned pumpkins are produced. At the very least, it’s going to be during the fall and you can see all of the trees in the area begin to change colors, creating a very nice atmosphere for those that might live in the city.

What Else Can You Do While You Are Visiting?

Aside from the pumpkins in the festival, it is also well-known for the many parks that it has. It seems that this is also a primary focus. This village is not that far from Peoria, but you still have to have things for people to do. That’s why the parks they have created our so unique. For example, there is a pond in one of the parks where you can do fishing at certain times of the year. They plant fish early in the year for them to begin to live and grow. Other parks are simply designated as places where you can walk, jog, or experience the wildlife. It’s a wonderful place that you want to consider visiting.

If you are going in September, get ready to have a fantastic time at the Pumpkin Festival. It’s a location that you will always remember. The large crowds, and many activities and products that are produced during the festival is what makes it so popular with many people across the country. Whether you live close by, or if you are flying in, it will be well worth the trip. Morton Illinois is a very unique location, one that you will grow to love once you have gone there once or twice.